Some two hundred members of the Feyenoord Street League took part in the Mixtoernooi last weekend, organised by students doing their internships at the club.

The Feyenoord Street League participants normally play against each other as competitors, but Sunday afternoon things got a bit different: the teams were mixed, so everyone suddenly had new fellow players and new opponents. An additional advantage: participants make contact with new peers this way. In total, about two hundred players put their boots on and played at seven locations in the districts of IJsselmonde, Feijenoord, Charlois and Delfshaven.

Naturally, this weekend extra attention was paid to sporting and social behaviour and healthy food. Team members brought each other water and fruit and getting to know new teams was encouraged. Furthermore, it was not about winning, as points were only distributed for attendance.


The organisation of the weekend was in the hands of students doing their internships at Feyenoord. In this way they were able to gain experience in making a script and organising an event on location. For the teams that did not play matches, they organised all sorts of other activities. From ‘latje trap’ and a game of penalty shooting to a game of basketball.

The next official match day, play round 4, is scheduled for Sunday, 30 January.