NAC Maatschappelijk looks back on a successful first half of the season. This is evident from, among other things, the presentation of sportsmanship awards and the cooperation with all partners.

Groups 7 and 8 of Breda’s primary schools and boys and girls from classes one and two of secondary education competed against each other during the matches of the first half of the NAC Street League. Sportsmanship and respect were the main focus, with several participants being voted “Man of the Match”.

Man of the Week

During the matches, participants were crowned “Man of the Match” when they showed extreme sportsmanship and respect. Compliments were showered on the opponents and participants themselves took away fruit for the other team. After the season, the sportiest Man of the Matches were voted “Man of the Week”. They received a loud applause from their fellow pupils and a trophy from the organisation. As an organisation, NAC finds it important to influence the behaviour of the participants in a positive way by using the medium of football.

Second half

On Tuesday 8 March the second half of the NAC Street League season will start. Preparations are in full swing. Moreover, the second batch of students from Fontys University of Applied Sciences are eager to coach the teams. The Big Brothers/Big Sisters from the Haagse Beemden will take care of the relevant primary schools from March onwards. The students of the Rooi Pannen and the referees were given a refresher course on the rules in January. So in the coming months, games can again be played on Breda’s football fields. Besides working out the details for the upcoming rounds, the organisation is also busy preparing for the final day in May. The final day will take place on the car park P5, next to the Rat Verlegh Stadium.