In collaboration with network members Aberdeen FC, Chelsea FC Foundation, Club Brugge, Ferencvárosi FC, Feyenoord Rotterdam, NAC Breda, SL Benfica, Werder Bremen and Valerenga Fotball, EFDN starts a new programme, the Community Champions League.

The Community Champions League is a social street football competition taking part in the local communities of each of the collaborating member clubs, involving children from the ages of 7 through to 15 but with a view to including the support of the whole neighbourhood.  The teams will be made up of children from all backgrounds within their local neighbourhoods along with an allocated coach and training sessions inclusive of all children in the neighbourhood who have an interest in the programme regardless of whether they are selected for the team.  The teams will play against other neighbourhood teams within their city but with the aim of promoting social integration through sport, the result of the street football matches will only count for one-third of the available competition points. The majority of the points being awarded on the basis of the teams, and their supporters, fair play, open-minded support of opponents and making positive contributions within their own communities.


Community contributions are an important element of the programme.  These being activities with a positive influence in their local community which the team will participate in throughout the Community Champions League season.  Examples include tidying up the local neighbourhood, renovating a community building, fundraising for a local cause or anything the team feels to be relevant to their local community with points awarded based on the originality and impact.


The other key aspect of the programme is the educational workshops which are tailored to meet the specific needs of the young people in each local community.   The topics of the workshops will be directly linked to the projects main aims of promoting social cohesion, improving physical and mental health, individual behaviour and the local environment with each workshop being taught by professionals in the relevant field.


The Community Champions League programme is co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme. Please visit the Community Champions programme page for more information.