On the 16th of September, the kick-off of the newest community project of the Club Brugge Foundation officially started: the Community Champions League. Students from different primary schools from the region of Brugge started the exciting competition where fairplay, respect and community spirit are just as important as the sportive aspect.

The event taking place in the campus of Sport Vlaanderen was a great success. The seven schools with 70 participants were able to get to know the different aspects of the project and to participate in activities like street football, Virtual Reality, freerunning, archery tag and many more. Starting next week, the first competitions will take place and last until April 2021. A big final tournament is planned for May 2021 to determine the winner.

The students visibly enjoyed all the activities during the event, getting to know new sports and competing against each other. The teachers were very happy with the event as well, stating that due to many of the extracurricular activities not taking place because of the coronavirus, the students did not have the opportunity to meet each other for activities. They also welcomed the project as an opportunity to bring up values like respect and fair play to the students.